Tito & DjangoCon US

One of the big benefits of working at Tito is getting to see the amazing events and conferences our customers and partners bring to their industries, and DjangoCon US is a shining example.

In the words of our Chief Commercial Officer, Karl McCarthy, “DjangoCon encapsulates all that is good with community-run tech events and it’s fantastic to see all the hard work pay off for the DjangoCon team.”

If you’ve ever hosted an event like this, or even been to one, you’ll know what he’s talking about.

As such, we were more than happy to continue our partnership with DjangoCon US this year and were thrilled when the team offered to let us tell you a little bit about the work we do at Tito.

Tito is simple, powerful event software. We’ve been fortunate enough to work with events in over 2,500 cities so far, many of them run by — and run for — developers.

We aim to provide a simple-to-use yet robust tool to sell tickets and manage events online, with some special parts added in to make the experience that bit more enjoyable than usual.

The timing couldn’t be better to write up a piece like this, honestly. We’ve spent a lot of this year thinking about what makes “Tito” Tito. Of course, it comes down to customers like DjangoCon US.

We make the software, but our customers and their attendees create the amazing experiences.

We settled on three guiding values to help us on our continued journey building the company, the product, and our ability to keep working with some of the most creative and dedicated people you’re likely to ever come across.

Throughout that process, we realised that we want to focus on the principles of integrity, excellence, and delight. You can read more about how those values guide our product decisions and business decisions on our site. And here you can see the Tito product in action, if you’d like.

All that’s left to say is a hearty congratulations to the organising team behind DjangoCon US and to you for the delightful time you’re due to have at their events. If you’d like to get in touch with anyone at Tito should you be interested in learning more, you can find us at [email protected].