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Software Engineers, Senior Software Engineers, Mobile Engineers, and more!

We surround ourselves with good people, the kind of people you miss on the weekends. We share combined interests, as well as unique side interests that make us well-rounded teammates. We understand you are more than just an employee. Our team consists of composers, cooks, app developers, dancers, opera singers, artists, YouTube sensations, martial artists, marathon champions and more.

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Caktus Group

Django Web Developer - Contractor

Are you a friendly, results-oriented person who wants to do things the right way? Join our team!

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Doctor on Demand

Python Security Engineer, Backend Engineer, Site Reliability Engineer, and more!

A successful patient video visit is the result of the work of every employee. Doctor On Demand rewards cross-functional teamwork and collaboration. We believe our team lines need to blur in order to create the highest-quality solution. We think, create, and act as one team.

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Django Software Engineers

We’re small and we care about having happy people. Everyone here really truly loves what they do!

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iOS Engineer & Senior Front End Software Engineer - San Francisco, CA

“We at Guidebook value the perks of working with those who truly want to make a difference. We celebrate people who are looking to challenge the status quo and challenge themselves to solve the problems of audience engagement using mobile tech.

It’s a place where you will work with smart people and have fun simultaneously. Regardless of your role or team here, we are all working towards the same goal. Without a doubt, everyone here is ready and willing to help. No one team would be successful without the collaboration of all our team members.” Devin Ertel, Director, Security & IT

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JBS Custom Software Solutions

Full Stack Developer, React Native Mobile Developer, and .NET Developer.

At JBS, all of our employees work remotely from home offices. We cluster our staff into project teams around specific code requirements, and then set them free to do great work within specific guidelines and timetables. The combination of developer accountability and cutting edge development technologies allows us to attract the very best in the business and perform at a high level for our clients. If you are ready to reduce your commute time to zero, get out of the cubicle and anxious to stand on your own, working with great teams, apply now!

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Labcodes Software Studio

Full Stack Developer

We are a software studio that designs, implements and scales digital products with a focus on delivering value and quality. We believe the best way to grow is to create an environment where people are encouraged to learn and not afraid to make mistakes.

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As the cornerstone of our company, Microsoft Engineers always aspire to be the best in the industry. Whether coding, building, hacking, designing, or testing, they consistently put their passion and energy into delivering world-class products that will delight and empower Microsoft customers and partners.

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There are a number of roles available in our London, San Francisco, Hong Kong, and other global offices. Perks include:

  • Competitive pay, bonus, and retirement plans
  • Take What you Need Time Off
  • Employee Recognition Program
  • Health and Wellness Benefit plans
  • Charities and Volunteering Days
  • Educational Assistance Reimbursement Program
  • And More!

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Junior Developer

We are proud of what we do and we are always on the look for people that feel the same and are seeking to apply their empathy, care, knowledge and expertise to create new products for a world-wide audience.

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Lead Software Engineer, Senior Backend Software Engineer, Senior Frontend Software Engineer - Los Angeles, CA

Our team is made up of people from diverse backgrounds, collaborating daily across time zones. We believe cross-pollination is one of the best ways to foster community and new ideas. For that reason we encourage people from all backgrounds to apply to any of our positions.

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O'Reilly Media, Inc.

Software Engineer - Sebastopol, CA or Boston, MA

At O’Reilly, our engineers focus on building a diverse set of features designed in collaboration with product managers, UX, and other teammates. Engineers work with product managers to refine direction and solve user problems, exchange code reviews with other team members, provide mentorship to junior engineers, and assist QA and Ops in troubleshooting product issues.

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Director of Engineering, Site Reliability Engineer, Full-stack Software Engineer, and more!

The Engineering team at PathAI works through thorny challenges involving multi-gigabyte images, rich data, and delivering real-time insights to ensure access to the keen insights PathAI can deliver.

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Senior Data Engineer, Senior Software Engineer, Software Engineer, iOS Engineer, and more!

We help dog people. We’re making it easier to have a dog in your life by supporting dog owners and empowering dog sitters to run thriving pet-care businesses. Our engineers are scaling our rapidly-growing business in thousands of cities across the world. A service is booked on Rover every 4 seconds—and that’s just the beginning.

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Six Feet Up

Senior Python Developer, Technical Project Manager, Unix System Administrator DevOps Engineer

Six Feet Up, Inc. is a software development and Cloud consulting company focused on helping growth-minded leaders thrive through technology.

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Senior Frontend Engineer, Senior Infrastructure Engineer, Senior Software Engineer

  • We’re an early company with a seasoned team.
  • We believe in work-life harmony - doing good work, with urgency and pragmatism, and at a sustainable pace.
  • We value and celebrate diversity. The more inclusive we are, the better our work will be, so we’re committed to building a team with a variety of backgrounds and perspectives. We want to build a supportive and rewarding place to work for everyone.

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Vinta Software

UX Designer, Developer, TechLead Developer, Developer Intern

We believe that people are the most important variable in software engineering. Not processes, not code. Our culture is horizontal and focused on self-improvement, with open communication at the heart of our process.

Want to work with amazing people, build cutting-edge products to the best companies in the US and contribute to Open Source communities? Then Vinta is the perfect place for you!

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WhiteSource Software

Technical Support Engineer, Sales Engineer, Senior Java & Node.js Developer, and more!

We’re building a strong, diverse team of curious, creative people who support each other and produce innovative software products.

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