REVSYS loves Python and Django

As one of the most established Django agencies, REVSYS is proud of their involvement in the Django and Python community. Their staff hold positions on the Django Software Foundation and Python Software Foundation boards of directors, help organize DjangoCon US, are active contributors to popular libraries like Faker, and frequently share their knowledge in conference talks given all over the world.

REVSYS also maintains several open-source projects that could make DjangoCon US attendees’ lives a little easier.

  • Their optimized Python image for Docker: The stock Python images for Docker are too big when the user is operating in a context that involves multiple private registries. But the alpine images, while much smaller, exclude musl, which most projects will wind up needing for their modules that have a C or C++ component. The REVSYS Python image is much smaller and faster than the stock Python images, but still includes the batteries needed to run most projects.
  • django-test-plus: django-test-plus is a library of useful additions to Django’s default TestCase. Most test suites wind up containing a lot of boilerplate code. django-test-plus introduces helper methods designed to reduce that boilerplate to make writing tests less cumbersome and more fun. Now with improved Pytest support!
  • Vinnie the Versioner: REVSYS’s latest project, Vinnie the Versioner, is a small library that increments the version number of your project without generating an extra commit in your repo. Instead, Vinnie uses git tags to store the current version, keeping your commit history cleaner.

Stop by the REVSYS booth while you’re at DjangoCon US to see how they can help you!

More About REVSYS

REVSYS are performance tuners, Django and Python experts, and infrastructure and scaling architects. Whether you’re a small startup or an established institution, REVSYS can help you build your app, deploy it, monitor it, and improve and upgrade it over time. Find out more about their services.

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