Announcing Our Keynotes: Matt Mitchell

We’re excited to announce our final keynote speaker for DjangoCon US 2019: Matt Mitchell!

Photo of Matt Mitchell

Matt Mitchell is a hacker and the Director of Digital Safety & Privacy at Tactical Tech (also known as the Tactical Technology Collective). In his work there Matt leads security training efforts, curricula, and organizational security for the organization in their mission to raise awareness about privacy, provide tools for digital security, and mobilize people to turn information into action.

Matt is a well known security researcher, operational security trainer, and data journalist who founded & leads CryptoHarlem, impromptu workshops teaching basic cryptography tools to the predominately African American community in upper Manhattan.

Matt’s talk is called Building Community and Supporting Others. He will share his experiences supporting the growth of others, including traditionally underrepresented groups in tech, inside and outside the Django community. He will draw parallels to Django’s template architecture.

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