Labcodes - DjangoCon US

This is Labcodes’ first time sponsoring DjangoCon US, and we couldn’t be more excited to be a major part of it. Besides that, Renato and Luan are giving two new talks, as well as Nicolle, who is giving a talk that was highly praised earlier this year at PyCon.

Luan is talking about an issue that hits hard on every digital product: technical debt. In his talk, he’ll be focusing on what technical debts are and how to avoid them. Renato is talking about Django authentication, the importance of it and the possibilities you have once you understand it. Nicolle, on the other hand, is going to be talking about the importance of internationalization and localization for digital products and how it may go a long way in improving your user’s experience.

Sharing our knowledge with the community, learning, improving, and meeting new people are among our favorite things (along with coding, obviously). We’re very happy to be helping DjangoCon US become such a fruitful event.

About Labcodes

We’re a Brazilian software studio that designs, implements, and scales great digital products. We’re experts in creating web products that fit specific needs and are able to optimize processes. We believe that software should be custom to align both clients’ and users’ expectations.

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