Announcing the 2019 Talk Lineup!

We are excited to present our tutorial and talk lineup! The Django community and beyond submitted an incredible number of talk proposals, and selecting these talks was extremely difficult for our program team. We were only able to accept 19% of the submissions we received, and we appreciate the effort everyone put into their submissions; thank you! Another huge thank you to our reviewers, without whom this list would still be weeks in the making.

We’ll announce the tutorial schedule and full conference schedule soon. If you haven’t purchased your ticket yet, they’re still on sale.

Congratulations to the presenters of the tutorials and talks below!


  • Django Real-time Chat: WebSockets, Django Channels, and Deploying to Production (Cara Borenstein)
  • Django bootstrapping done right (Pablo García)
  • Build a headless content managed site, with Wagtail and Vue.js (Tom Dyson)
  • Hands-On Web UI Testing (Andrew Knight)
  • Hands-On Web Application Security (Jacinda Shelly)
  • Mastering the Django ORM (James Bennett)


  • Goodbye Print, Hello Debugger! (Nina Zakharenko)
  • To comment or not? A data-driven look at attitudes toward code comments (Veronica Hanus)
  • The promised Django Land; the tale of one team’s epic journey from Flask (Nicole Zuckerman)
  • Building effective Django queries with expressions (Vanessa Barreiros)
  • Everything you need to know but were afraid to ask about Data Classes (Casey Faist)
  • The Unspeakable Horror of Discovering You Didn’t Write Tests (Melanie Crutchfield)
  • Think Like a Product Manager: Straightforward frameworks for building great products (Eleanor Stribling)
  • Forklifting Django: Migrating A Complex Django App To Kubernetes (Noah Kantrowitz)
  • Lazy Looping: The Next Iteration (Trey Hunner)
  • The blameless post mortem: how embracing failure makes us better (Chris Wilcox)
  • Search From the Ground Up (William S. Vincent)
  • Static Typing in Python (Dustin Ingram)
  • Pull Requests: Merging good practices into your project (Luca Bezerra)
  • Django REST Framework: Taking your API to the next level. (Carlos Martinez)
  • Postgres Index types and where to find them (Louise Grandjonc)
  • Using a custom template loader at scale (Dane Hillard)
  • Logging and Exception Handling for Django (Ryan Sullivan)
  • Prepping Your Project for Production (Peter Baumgartner)
  • Migrating legacy data to your Django project. (Adolfo Fitoria)
  • Building a multi factor SSO for a whole country with Django (Juan Saavedra)
  • Eita! Why Internationalization and Localization matter (Nicolle Cysneiros)
  • Creating a containerized Django + React + PostgreSQL development environment (Dan Taylor)
  • How to Hack (Legally): Python Edition (Karen Miller)
  • Technical Debt: Why it’ll ruin your software (Luan Fonseca)
  • Nothingness and identity in Python and Django (Daniele Procida)
  • Roll Your Own Tech Job: Starting a Business or Side Hustle from Scratch (Erin Mullaney)
  • Prefetching for Fun and Profit (Mike Hansen)
  • Awesome Automated APIs with Automagic REST (Timothy Allen)
  • Just Add Await: Retrofitting Async Into Django (Andrew Godwin)
  • Using Django as a Micro-Framework: Hacking on the HTTP handlers and middleware (for fun and profit) (Carlton Gibson)
  • Understanding Django authentication (Renato Oliveira)
  • Generic View? What is that and why would I use it? (Felipe Lee)
  • The Ins and Outs of Model Inheritance (Blythe J Dunham)
  • WASM matter? (Russell Keith-Magee)

If you’d like to check out these talks and more, tickets are still on sale. Tutorials (sold separately from conference registration) are $195 each, and we will have the schedule for those up soon. We hope to see you in San Diego! :sailboat: