2019 Conference Wrap Up

What an incredible year! DjangoCon US 2019 is officially over, but what an amazing ride. Thank you so much to each of the 400+ folks who attended this year. We had attendees, speakers, and sponsors from all over the world, and we are so thrilled to have such amazing representation from all the people that make up our community.

DjangoCon US is a volunteer-run conference that succeeds because of the dedicated people who give up their lunches, nights, and weekends to tackle tasks small and large. We are very lucky to have so many organizers that see the value this conference brings to the tech world and are willing to donate their time to bring it to fruition.

Thank you to the amazing teams we had running our media this year! The folks from AV101 were working long hours and were so accommodating. The women from White Coat Captioning were so kind and talented; the accuracy of their captioning was phenomenal. The women from ConFreaks were wonderful to work with and provided great suggestions on how we could make our video content better by being mindful of Q&A locations in each room.

We also want to give a special thanks to the speakers, tutorial presenters, and workshop hosts! We had over 400 attendees this year who were able to benefit from the time and effort put into all of the 2019 presentations. We were lucky enough to have talks that made us examine both the human and technology ecosystems, while still helping us learn and making us laugh. Keep an eye on the DjangoCon US YouTube channel to catch the ones you missed or to rewatch your favorites from this year and last.

Lastly, we want to thank our sponsors. Without their contributions, DjangoCon US would truly not be possible. Sponsorship funding is how we are able to bring people to the conference who might not otherwise be able to attend, provide food and fun to our attendees, hire amazing media folks to make sure our attendees and speakers have the best possible experience, and post talks to YouTube so that people in our community who are unable to attend can share in the learning. We were sponsored by so many companies that truly care about the DjangoCon community this year, and we are touched by their support.

We hope that everyone had a wonderful year at DjangoCon US 2019, and we hope to see you all in 2020! Until then, consider checking out some conferences recommended and run by DjangoCon US 2019 attendees. Keep an eye on our Twitter account for news about where we will be in 2020! If you would like to be part of the amazing organizing team that puts together DjangoCon US every year, send us an email!